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Repair or Replace — Which One Is Right for My Pool Liner?

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Vinyl pool liners are tough, but they definitely endure some wear and tear over the course of a busy pool season. Stains, leaks, and other damage can happen over time — especially if your pool isn’t being properly cleaned and maintained. Thankfully, issues with your pool liner don’t always mean it has to be replaced. Occasionally, you’re able to repair the damage and get more use out of your liner, saving some money in the process. So, let’s take a look at some of the key factors to figure out if a repair or replacement is the right choice for your liner!

How old is your liner?

The age of your liner definitely impacts whether or not it’s worth repairing. A typical vinyl pool liner lasts anywhere from 6-12 years depending on maintenance. If your pool liner is more than three years old, you may want to opt for a replacement liner since it’s already past half it’s lifespan.

Where is the damage located?

If you’re dealing with a tear or leak, one of the first things you’ll need to do is figure out where it’s coming from. Certain areas of a pool liner are more difficult to repair than others, including:

  • Areas around the skimmers, returns, or plastic fittings. 
  • Areas around the bead receiver on a beaded pool liner. 
  • Areas around the overlap edge on an overlap liner. 

Oftentimes, these areas are hard to access and can allow water behind your liner. While you may be able to repair them, the repair probably won’t last very long. 

Can you remove the stain?

If you’re dealing with a stain, your first step is to identify what’s causing the staining. Oftentimes, stains are caused by organic materials (leaves, grass, algae, etc) or metal debris (like copper or iron) found in your pipes, water, or lawn fertilizer. Once you know what’s causing it, you can adjust your chemicals accordingly to prevent further staining. 

You can try removing a pool stain via additional scrubbing and using some pool-safe cleaners. Use caution and always follow instructions to avoid damaging your liner further. 

Most swimming pool liner stains are simply cosmetic and don’t require a replacement. However, you will want to note the state of the vinyl surrounding the area. If it seems brittle or weak, then a replacement liner may be necessary to prevent future issues with your pool. 

If the liner seems to be in good condition otherwise and you’re able to remove the stain or deal with the visual imperfection, then you’re good to go. 

Is the liner overstretched or coming off its track?

As pool liners age, they begin to experience “liner pull,” a term indicating that the liner has lost some of its stretch and may be coming out of the coping track. Generally, once the liner has stretched, there’s not much you can do and you’ll have to buy a replacement liner. 

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